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Ajuinnata Counselling Logo

Release, Relax, Heal

Tiffany Canning
Ajuinnata Counselling Logo

Meet Tiffany

As a therapist, I believe in being authentically human, honoring where you are, and providing a safe space for you to feel seen, heard, and understood.

I'm here to hold room for all of you. The messy bits are just as welcome as the put together parts.

Whether you come to me with trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or other concerns, I am here to walk alongside you, not with judgement or criticism, but with compassion, trust, and a deep knowledge that you already have the healing wisdom within you.

Ajuinnata Counselling Logo

ᐊᔪᐃᓐᓇᑕ  (aye-yoo-ee-nah-tah)

Ajuinnata Counselling Logo

Ajuinnata is a Inuktitut word meaning commitment, a promise, a vow, however its also so much more - as we find ourselves in the the face of adverse or traumatic experiences, the nervous system responds to protect and survive. Ajuinnata means that if you're confronted with adversity or things that are difficult, you keep going, you don't give up, and you need to make a commitment to continue to make changes (Mary Simon, 2022). 

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