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My Approach is

Calm, Curious and Collaborative

With curiosity and compassion, I will urge you to lean into both awareness and acceptance of all aspects of yourself, using evidence-based modalities.

You will be supported to step into the life you deserve through meaningful connection, present moment consciousness, and reframing of old stories that keep you stuck, so you can move forward feeling more confident, at ease, and connected.


I can help with counselling and therapy in the following areas: 

Depression ∙ Anxiety ∙ Grief/Loss ∙ Trauma ∙ Relationship Conflicts ∙ Stress ∙ Work-Life Balance ∙ Self-Esteem Concerns ∙ Motivation ∙ Life Transitions ∙ Couples Therapy ∙ Family Therapy ∙ Spirituality ∙ Sexual Abuse ∙ Domestic Abuse ∙ Personality/Mood Disorders ∙ Child/Adolescent Therapy ∙ Postpartum Depression/Anxiety ∙ 

Virtual Counselling

Virtual counselling allows clients to access support while in the comfort and privacy of their chosen spaces. 

Video counselling is provided through the secure (PIPA & PIPEDA-compliant), platform, Jane App. Once you contact me on the appointments page. I can walk you through the process. There is also an option for phone sessions and
"Walk and Talk" for those who prefer that.


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