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Apply for Subsidy Program

General Information

What format of counselling would you prefer (check all that apply)
Choose the days and times that you are available for counselling
Presenting Concern(s), click all tha apply:

Financial Information

 (proof of income is required in order to qualify, Gross Annual income must be under $25,000 and you have no access to benefits or insurance).

Gross annual income is shown on line 150 of your tax return. Ajuinnata Counselling reserves the right to request formal documentation for proof of income. Examples of proof of income are tax returns, pay stubs, disability insurance, letter from employer, pension documents, or unemployment documents. The applicants subsidy form will not be processed until proof of income is sent to If the applicant is under the age of 18, parent(s) proof of income will be required.

Subsidy is granted only when funding is available. The subsidized rate is valid for up to 12 sessions. All subsidy applications are subject to approval by Ajuinnata Counselling Management. Due to the limited availability of subsidies, please also explore other funding sources. Please include additional notes and documents if there are other extraordinary circumstances that affect your ability to pay. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Methods of Payment

For any online counselling (video or phone ) a credit card, visa/MC debit, will be required for payments. Your payment method must be set up in the Jane App system before your first appointment. All payments will then be processed at the end of each counselling session by your counsellor. We do not accept e-transfers. For in-person session, we also accept cash and cheque.


Ajuinnata Counselling will not tolerate any harassment, hostility, or any form of aggression or abuse towards any of the counsellors or staff at any time. If we feel a client or potential client has committed any of the above, we will not provide counselling services.

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